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March 2023

In 1979, the French actor and director Pierre Clémenti was invited to participate in San Sebastian Festival’s New Directors section with his film New Old (1979). The references to his visit in the archive are extensive. As well as featuring in a series of iconic photographs, those showing his entrance to the Victoria Eugenia Theatre on Ocaña’s arm, file 1979-1980.0914 of the General Archive also contains the correspondence that led to his invitation. The file opens with a number of standard documents: in August 1979, the general secretary Pilar Olascoaga asked Clémenti, on two occasions, to send material for inclusion in the catalogue: the production credits, three passport photographs, a biography and a filmography. There appears to have been no answer. Some time later, the correspondence resumed in October 1979, when the moviemaker informs in friendly tones that his film suffered serious damage when screened in San Sebastian and asks the festival to cover the cost of a new colour copy. From here on, the correspondence becomes embroiled in exchanges between Olascoaga and the Pompidou Centre (co-producer of the film) on the costs of the new copy. The general secretary asks, again insistently repeating her request on two occasions, that Clémenti send the damaged film so that the insurance company can assess the damage and make the corresponding payment. Yet again the archive shows no signs of a reply from Clémenti, although there is an entry, in March 1980, in the shape of a hand-written note on a promotional postcard for the film Steppenwolf (Fred Haines, 1974). And three passport photographs.

Communication with the director Pierre Clémenti

Identity statement area
ID: 15118
Catalogue number: AO1979-1980.0914
Location: M02.B06.C02
Classification scheme: 4.1.4. International directors
Title: Communication with the director Pierre Clémenti
Date of creation: 1979
Level of description: Composite documentary unit
Extent and medium of the unit of description: 1979 – 1980

Context area
Producer: San Sebastian International Film Festival

Content and structure area
Places: France

Conditions of access and use area
Conditions governing access: Conditions governing access
Conditions governing reproduction: Conditions governing reproduction

Control area
Preservation: Anna Ferrer, Andrea Sánchez
Cataloguing: Edurne Arocena (Ereiten)
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ACommunication with the director Pierre Clémenti (1979-1980) San Sebastian Festival Archive. [+]

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