Zinemaldia 70: all possible stories
Tabakalera (Donostia-San Sebastián)
7 December - 2019

Aby Warburg said that working on an archive means "restoring inaudible voice bells." A listening exercise: digging through the material traces of the past to pay attention to the stories they tell us.

For a year, the research project "Zinemaldia 70: all possible stories" has been working on the immense archive of documents, photos and movies that the Festival of San Sebastián conserves since its foundation in 1953. In its first phase, the project has been focused on the Transition years: a time when programming, audiences and Festival organization were transformed at high speed.

Which voices are heard when someone opens the archive boxes marked with 1976 to 1980 numbers? This programme, open to the public, will stop to listen to some of the stories that they surrounded the Festival at this moment of crucial change. We will track letters and newspapers to move us into a climate of turmoil in which some people saw a return of revolutionary ghost of 68. We will rescue documents and testimonies to tell the story of the “Barrios y Pueblos Commission” which, since 1977, brought the Festival's projections to Popular neighborhoods and towns throughout Euskadi. We will meet with the organizers of the “Cycle of cinema made by women” of 1978 to ask them to tell us how they gathered the feminist militants of the Women's Assembly of San Sebastián with directors such as Věra Chytilová, Cecilia Bartolomé, Vivian Ostrovsky, Larisa Shepitko or Agnès Varda within the Festival . And we will establish a dialogue between past and present, inviting filmmakers Luis López Carrasco and Raúl Liarte to respond in the movie theater to the screening of the film Expediente, a tribute to the last shot by Franco, and winner of the Golden Shell for the Best Short Film in 1977.


  • 11:00: Opening conference: "The Festival has had 24 editions. We don't like it". Pablo La Parra Pérez (Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola/San Sebastian International Film Festival).
  • 12:15: Case studies: "For a democratic festival". Presentations by Antonio M. Arenas, Sara Hernández, Clara Rus and Neus Sabaté (Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola).
  • 17:00: "Living archive: on the 1978 cycle of films made by women". Round table with Cecilia Bartolomé (filmmaker), Vivian Ostrovsky (filmmaker and distributor, co-founder of Ciné-Femmes International) and Ana Ureta (member of the Donostia Women's Assembly). Moderator: Pablo La Parra Pérez.
  • 19:00: Spotlight Z70
    • Screening of Expediente (Carlos Rodríguez Sanz and Manuel Coronado, 1977, 35mm, 16', Original Spanish Version) – Golden Shell for Best Short Film in 1977.
    • García/García, performative screening by Luis López Carrasco and Raúl Liarte.